Friday, August 27, 2010


My birthday was yesterday and while I was thinking of my age, I realize I still hopefully have at least half my life still left to enjoy. And now I'm to the good part where I can do stuff without worrying about schedules. Hot diggety dog!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The start of the school year

This year marks the last year of public education I will be sending my child to school. Hard to believe that she is a senior. I still have the cute little picture of her with her lunchbox and backpack in front of CCS for her first day of kindergarten. But now we are way past the first day of school photos. She drives herself there and it certainly would not be cool of a mom to be there.

Sometimes you wonder did I do the right thing by having her go to public school. She went to private school of kindergarten. I think for elementary school it didn't matter. But public school definitely offers an wider range of classes for her to choose from. This year she has European History and is in her fifth year of Spanish. Pretty good stuff for high school.

It also gave her the opportunity to show her dancing/school spirit as a pom. I think this may have been the most important part of high school for her. It has been a way to use her talents and show others what she can do.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The color blue

I admit it. I can't tell some blues apart. This has become an issue because I wanted to paint part of my bathroom blue. A dark rich blue that had jeweltones to it. I probably went through 50 little color samples and finally settled on one. We primed the wall and put the first coat on. Both Dan and Whitney say it reminds them of kindergarten blue and want to know when I'll be adding the yellow and red. I said it just needs a second coat and the blind reinstalled. Well the blind is back up and I think they are right. It isn't as rich as I hoped for. So now we have to pick out a new color and paint over all this blue. Maybe I shouldn't be involved in color choice.