Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What I've Been Up To!

Best way to jump back in is to list the things I've been up to while away from blogging.

1. I turned 50!!!!!!!

August was birthday month here and I turned 50. Here's three generations getting together to celebrate. The funny story was the restaurant knew it was for someone's 50th birthday. My mom and I got there first and they kept telling her happy birthday. She had a great time with that! And so did I!

2. I've traveled many places

In June I went to Washington DC for a quick trip and stopped in at the Smithsonian.

In October I went on two trips.

First up was Miami with a small cruise to Nassau, Bahamas.

The cruise was just a weekend one. I partaked in a martini tasting and Hoda Kotb was on the cruise for the first of her party crasher series. It was just on the Today show last week.

Then just a week later I went to Las Vegas for a conference. It was at the Paris so I ended up with a great view from my room.

The Bellagio was right across the street so I watched quite a few of the fountain shows (which I could see partially from my room too!)

And I ate one of the best meals at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. We went for brunch and it was outstanding. I highly recommend it.

3. Had a major review at work

We had a HUGE review of our major project in August (right before my birthday). It took months of planning and preparing but we received an outstanding rating and a continuation of our $75 million in funding. Yeah for us!

4. Whitney is still looking for a job

No one would have thought it would take so long to find a job after she graduated. She finally got a part-time job at HomeGoods for seasonal work and so she can save some money. She's been so close too many times but we have faith in God that he will open a door for her soon and she can get on her way to adult life. We've enjoyed having her live at home because we know this time will soon come to a close.

5. Planning 2016 vacations

Travel is a big part of our lives. I've already got three trips lines up for the first three months of 2016. January we will be going to New Orleans. February will be New York City. March will be Washington, DC. All for work and I'll be adding in extra fun time for all three! I know in October I will be going to San Antonio for another work trip and there will be at least one more work trip in the fall. I'm very blessed with a job that sends me out on trips.

So there you go. Six months in a nutshell. Hopefully it won't be six months before I post again.

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  1. You are happy woman:) It's great that you were in many beautiful places, ate delicious food and spent your time with fun. All these adventures are part of you and will be always in your heart.