Friday, June 5, 2009

The end of the Biggest Loser

Well today had to come. The last weigh in for the Biggest Loser at the NWC. I went in never thinking I would lose a lot of weight, maybe a couple of pounds. I ended up losing 20.5 pounds in about 5 months. WOW! I ended up in 2nd place at 13.2% lost. First place lost 21.6% (52 pounds) and he says it saved his life. He also donated all of the money that he won to Center for Children and Families, a local charity.

For all of you out there trying to lose weight, you CAN do it. Go slowly, watch portion sizes, eat slowly, don't starve yourself. The calorie counts/portion size on the box are there for a reason. I probably lost my weight simply by using the portion size on my breakfast cereal. If you eat something that is totally decadant don't make yourself feel like you are a terrible person. Believe me, I have to have chocolate every day or I'm not nice. I have found that after all of this, if I try to eat anything greasy or a large portion, I feel so full I'm uncomfortable. I really think that most of this weight will stay off.


  1. You did great and you look great.

  2. The biggest reward is a healthier you. And nice that he donated his money. That's awesome!!