Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unusual Sign

Dan and I were driving around Norman today and I saw a sign in a front yard and just had to write about it. It was an advertisement (you know like the ones for roofing companies) but it was for "The Skunk Whisperer". It had a picture of a skunk on it. I assume it is for a business that goes after skunks that have decided to live at people's houses but not sure. I doubt it is for people with pet skunks who need a little help with their skunks. I didn't get the phone number so I can't call to find out.


  1. That's funny! You wouldn't think there'd be a huge market for a service like that, huh?

  2. In Norman there are quite a few skunks hiding under houses. One of my co-workers had one and it took weeks to get the smell out of the house.