Monday, April 6, 2015

Alton Brown Live

Last Thursday Dan and I went to see one of my favorite Food Network personalities, Alton Brown, on his Edible Inevitable tour. I bought my tickets as soon as they went on sale and we had great seats. If you don't know who he is, just watch Good Eats, Cuthroat Kitchen or Iron Chef America and you'll know who it is. It was quite a fun evening.

He put together a 2 1/2 hour show. It was a combination of songs, stories, cooking demonstrations. His only requirement it was stuff that no one would let him do on tv. His two cooking demonstrations was making ice cream in 10 seconds using fire extinguishers and cooking a pizza in 3 minutes using a massive pizza oven made from concert lights. Both were highly entertaining.

The evening ended with questions from the audience. I couldn't believe that he had filled the Civic Center so much but all the balconies were full (if you've ever been here you'll know that's a lot of people). Alton has always been a big one for using twitter so all questions were submitted that way. You had to include a selfie.  At intermission is submitted one and it was one of the ones picked! So my selfie shows up on the big screen and I stand up waving my arms like a crazy woman. I asked him what his favorite sabotage was on Cuthroat Kitchen and he said the ones that really make the chefs think like the warped crepe pan or using a wok for stir fry but only upside down. After the show everyone around me loved my question and then someone from work was just two rows ahead of us.

It was a fun evening. Unfortunately you won't be able to catch him since his tour just ended. But if you get the chance I highly recommend it. He was really funny and it was a clean show for all ages.


  1. Sounded like a fun evening! Glad your question got picked for him to answer :)


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