Friday, February 13, 2009

Romance and Valentine's Day

I believe that people are either romantic or not. Romance is not limited to one day a year. Romance can happen all the time. I think that by designating one day to "romance" you are really forcing people to do things they don't want to do. That isn't romance. Romance is coming home to a clean kitchen when you left in a rush and it was a mess. Romance is flowers on a day when you aren't expecting it "just because I love you". Romance is a foot rub when your feet are not the prettiest because someone knows it is relaxing. Romance is telling someone you go take a bath and I'll take care of everything. Romance isn't jewelry, flowers, chocolate, expensive dinners and cards because the rest of the country is doing it.

I'm not expecting anything from my husband tomorrow. I get Valentine's Day year round.


  1. I completely agree. I even heard a commercial telling women to "make your husbands get you what you really want for Valentines Day", and of course, it was expensive jewelry. Seriously? Is that romantic? Not in my book. Give me a massage and dinner out over that, any day. Good post!

  2. my sentiments exactly. We have never celebrated valentine's day. We think it is a commercial ripoff by the greeting card companies. You can't buy love, it just appears when you are least expecting it---and you know in your heart it is always there. Every now and then, our doorbell will ring and it will be a deliveryman with flowers for no reason at all.