Monday, February 2, 2009

Thoughts on the Super Bowl

I don't watch professional football. I watch college so I understand the game but I really don't know anything about the pros. So I had no team that I cared about in the game. In fact, when I heard them talk about Kurt Warner I told Dan I thought he retired years ago. So I watch the game for the commercials, just like a lot of Americans. This year they just were not that good. My favorite was the grease monkeys. As Dan says, you can't go wrong with a monkey. Then I liked the Clydesdale horse, although not as good as last year. Towards the end of the game, I wasn't even paying a lot of attention to the commercials, they were that bad. It ended up being a good game however and I enjoyed the ending.

So all of the other channels had "alternative" programming. My favorite was Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl V. It started about 2pm and Whitney and I watched for 30 minutes before we had to leave to watch a dance performance. Then after the game ended, I turned it on and watched for another 30 minutes. Something about cute puppies jumping on each other, chasing their tails and eating chew toys just has to make you smile. I did miss the cat halftime show. I don't like cats so that wasn't a big loss.


  1. I agree the commercials just weren't that good this year. Really didn't care for the half time show either..couldn't understand anything Bruce Springsteen was singing. The game it's self was better then I thought it would be.

  2. So, you are telling me that you didn't enjoy the 1 second Miller High Life commercial??? It was awesome! Some dude standing there and he yelled "high life" and that was the whole $100,000 commercial!

  3. I did miss that one. I'm sure I could hulu it but for one second, not sure it is worth the time. LOL