Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Video

Last night we decided to watch some old video we had taken of a vacation at Cape Cod. It was 2002 and the first trip I got to take for work so it was pretty exciting. Whitney missed the whole last week of school to go. Watching the old video, I realized several things.

1. Whitney was a great kid and really funny and talkative.
2. Both Dan and I look fabulous now compared to then. It's sort of hard to watch both of us with a lot moreweight but helps reinforce how far we've come.
3. I need new clothes. I have all the sweatshirts from that trip and still wear them (am wearing one now). I haven't bought a new sweatshirt for 3 years. I guess if you wear them around the house after work, they don't wear out. But still, it's shocking how many things I have to wear that are old.

1 comment:

  1. it's always shocking and sad to me to see how much the kids have grown when we watch old movies. i don't notice when it's just another day, but looking back, it's amazing how much kids grow in seven years. and how much more they'll grow in seven more. and yeah, buy yourself some new sweatshirts, girl! lol