Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toto's Tacoz!

Our trip to Wamego, Kansas (billed as the Land of Oz) had us eat dinner at Toto's Tacoz.

They had a saddle set up so Whitney decided she needed her picture on it. We weren't sure how sturdy it was but we got a lovely picture without crashing to the ground.

Every October Wamego has "Oztoberfest" where living munchkins from the film visit. This photo was from a group of them eating at Toto's Tacoz. Unfortunately there are no more living munchkins so we will not be attending the festival this year.


  1. That picture of the munchkins in Toto's Tacos just kills me.

  2. I didn't like my burrito and the place wasn't "wizardy" enough for me. The company I was with was great and we had a good time.