Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Abby - What I'll Do For Love

Abby is probably one of the sweetest dogs you would ever meet. She loves Dan so much she follows him everywhere. In the morning if he takes Whitney to school, Abby usually will get to come. So about 15 minutes before she knows Whitney is leaving, she starts stalking Dan. She will push open the bedroom door and sit there so he can't go anywhere without her knowing it. She recognizes the sound of a big glass of ice because that means Dan will be driving somewhere so she wants to come along. Dan has even made her a special bed in his office so she can be near him. Now that the sun isn't coming in the back windows anymore, she really likes staying with him.

She will even jump up on a hard wooden bench and be close to the guitar just to be with him.


  1. She is the most loving of all the dogs we have had. But sure comes close to crossing the line between loving dog and obsessed/crazed stalker. LOL

  2. Everyone needs a friend like Abby. But only one! lol

  3. She really is a sweet little dog.