Monday, April 27, 2009

Topsy Turvy

Well we finally did it. The Topsy Turvy from tv was bought and now has two tomato plants in it. Not only did we have to buy the thing ($9.99 from Walgreens) plus two tomato plants ($4) and 40 lbs of top soil ($2) and a hanging stand ($10) because it wouldn't get enough sun hanging from the awning. I expect 30 pounds of tomatoes in 60 days.

Unpacking the box and reading directions

Hand filling it with dirt per directions

Hanging in the back corner of the yard for the perfect amount of sun

Pouring in the one gallon of water slowly per directions

The finished product


  1. when you get your thirty pounds of tomaatoes remembet that I love them

  2. I'm sure it'll work exactly like they say it will on TV. Wait... does that sound pessamistic? j/k I don't really know how it is supposed to work, but I'm sure you will have many, many yummy tomatoes. I hope you enjoy them! Home grown tomatoes are awesome!!

  3. This is really all just for fun. There is no way this works like on tv. Next we test the shamwows and snuggies. Then go old school with chia pets, the clapper and that thing that lets you cut your hair with the vacuum cleaner. (I am probably not the best test subject for that one for that one).

    Maybe everyone should test one stupid, cheap TV infomercial thing.

    I smell Xmas presents! Although hard to top a marshmallow gun.

  4. Don't let Dan fool you. He also bought the pet nail trimmer thing you see on tv.

  5. I want that! Let me know if it works!! :)

  6. I'm wondering about that buxton organizer (purse). It holds all that stuff plus an umbrella and two bottles of water. Now I ask you--do you think you can find everything all that easy? You must or they couldn't advertise it that way right?

  7. jeremy will be jealous if you get a snuggie before he does. he will have snuggie envy.

  8. Tell Jeremy that he can make his own Snuggie. Just turn around his housecoat and wear it backwards!! But I must admit I want one too!