Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reflections of the Fourth of July

Tonight we watched the fireworks on tv from Washington DC. It is raining here and I'm not sure if they will even be able to do them here in Norman. There have been many years when we've sat home and watched them on tv instead of going out and fighting traffic. I remember when I was young we would go sit on a big hill and watch the fireworks over the river in Wisconsin. I was scared to death of loud noises so I would always cover my ears to try and drown them out. But I thought they were very pretty. As I got older, I got over the noise. We would go to Disneyworld on the Fourth and watch them over the castle. That still is as beautiful as I remember it. Dan and I got married on July 2nd and while on our honeymoon went to watch the fireworks over a lake in Branson. I am fascinated by all of the color combinations and shapes that are created. My favorites are the big ones that have more than one color. How they do that I don't know.

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