Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate to sweat. For years I did no exercising but then about 10 years ago I started walking at lunch. I did it inside, climate controlled, which helped control the sweating issue. Then I switched to toning machines. You don't sweat doing that either. But recently I've picked up doing Wii Fit. The step aerobics is fun but not sweaty. However boxing is a workout. I can feel my heart start pumping and my body heating up. I thought I would start working out in the morning because I can't find time after work so I got up early today to do it. I am not a morning person and need a shower to wake up. However I may have to rethink this because I was getting really hot and I don't think my hair recovered from the small amount of sweat that came off my head. But it accomplished what I hoped, exercise and a good start to the day.


  1. I am very impressed. I know how long it takes you to wake up, so I know it took some commitment to do this.

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  3. exercise is addictive. before long, you'll crave it, believe it or not. i love a good sweat. i actually look forward to the burn. crazy, i know! major stress reducer too.