Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Big Announcement

I figured that title would catch some attention.

This weekend was big for Whitney and I. We chose to get baptized at our church before she went back to college.

I was raised Catholic so I was baptized when I was a week old. And I went through all the Catholic steps (confession, confirmation) but I never felt anything with them. We even had Whitney baptized when she was a baby.

But this was different. This meant something to both of us. Now I finally understand why people say that you should make your own decision to be baptized. Why most religions don't baptize babies and make sure children are old enough to understand their decision.

I don't talk much about religion here. I'll mention my church and the great things it does, but I don't get too deep about anything more than that. But I feel a deep need to share the good news that I chose to get baptized. 


  1. That is a nice looking baptismal pool (or whatever it is called). I too was raised Catholic and got baptized as an infant. I struggled with deciding to be baptizing as an adult, thinking it as an already done deal, LOL, but through prayer I realized I needed to make an adult commitment to Jesus so about 13 years ago got baptized :)

    WTG for you and Whitney!


  2. YAHOOOO!!!!!!

    I always love baptism pictures! Such a moment you want to remember!

  3. Congratulations!
    I am also a 'cradle catholic' and I notice every year the adults getting baptized and/or confirmed how much deeper their faith seems to be simply because they made the affirmative decision as adults to make this commitment.
    I'm sure there are 'argument's on both sides of the aisle (get it..aisle. Ha) for baptism as an infant vs as an adult. I say to each is own! Faith is good however you come to it. :)

  4. How wonderful, Tracy! Best news ever! I was baptized when I was 15 by my best friend's daddy...a day I will NEVER forget!