Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hodgepodge - Yes I'm Alive

Seems like it has been weeks since I've participated in this. So I'm getting it done early this week.

1. What would you say is the key to success?

Persistence and hard work. You aren't going to have success just handed over to you on a silver platter.

2. Have you ever been to the Florida Keys? Any desire to visit that part of the US of A?

We went to Key West for a few hours on a cruise. I really wasn't impressed. So I doubt we will ever go back.

3. When and where did you last see a real live donkey? Monkey? Turkey?

I'm sure there is a donkey around one of the farms that we live near. Monkey would have to be at a zoo. Turkey...hmmm been a long time for alive one. Just cook me one for Thanksgiving!

4. An old Portuguese proverb says, 'Beware of the door with too many keys.'What do you think this means? Share an example of how this has proven true or false in your own life.

How about shopping this weekend in the clearance section. Too many choices that I couldn't even fathom digging through the racks.

5. Besides your home, vehicle, and special jewelry, what is something you keep under lock and key?

Technically nothing is under lock and key. I've got so many keys to things that I don't know what they really go too.

6. When did you last get keyed up about something?

I got keyed up (in a good way) when I found out we could save almost $1,000 by switching our home and car insurance. That was a great day!

7. Who thinks we need an easy one right about now? Key lime pie...yes please or no thank you?

I'll pass on the key lime pie. Not a fan of citrus pies.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

The money we saved on the insurance covered the cost of repainting the bedroom and ordering a new window blind. I think that is a win-win situation!


  1. I can't believe you saved that much money - that's awesome! I woulda took a vacation with it :)

  2. It is amazing if one shops around or looks around, how much one care save on insurance, isn't it? Glad it worked out great to your advantange!


  3. I wasn't impressed with key west at all either, but the rest of the keys? One of my favorite places. I went every other weekend when I lived in So. FL. I had to laugh at your "turkey" comment. We have flocks of them in the neighborhood, and where I deliver mail there is a one legged one.

    Nothing funnier than a hopping turkey. :)

  4. Definitely a win-win!! How wonderful. Your answer about the turkey made me chuckle. I have to be in just the right mood to dig through clearance racks otherwise they do look overwhelming.