Friday, August 8, 2014

Truly a Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444 just had rotator cuff surgery and still she hosted us this week. Here's to a speedy recovery.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Starting off with the stupid criminal, how about two of them. Two women were sitting in a car smoking crack. Unfortunately for them it was parked next to an unmarked police car with two police officers in it. And then they found about 6500 hydrocodone pills, meth and heroin. Let's just say they won't be out anytime soon.

As I've been driving to work lately, I've noticed a bunch of three wheeled motorcycles. I must say these look sturdier than a regular motorcycle but you still won't catch me riding one anytime soon.

And then I've been wondering about car colors. There are plenty of standard ones but there are three colors that I wonder why anyone buys. Orange, yellow and powder blue. The orange ones around here look like either Texas Longhorn or Oklahoma State orange. Neither of which plays well in the home of the Oklahoma Sooners. Yellow just always looks strange on a beautiful Ford Mustang. And the powder blue ones are just weird. Its like they want a wimpy looking car. If you have a car any of those colors, can you tell me why you got it?

My other random thought this week is how does the ionic, tourmaline hair dryer work so well? My old hair dryer bit the dust so I had been borrowing Whitney's travel one for a week. My hair felt so dried out. I bought a new one last week and my hair feels so soft. Does the ion tourmaline work that much better? What about it makes my hair not dry out? Inquiring minds want to know.

We are playing musical cars today. Whitney's is at the lock shop getting her door locks changed out. She had to be at work at 7:45 so she borrowed Dan's car since it is just like hers. Dan had to take me to work at 8 so he would have a car today. So I'm carless until we get hers back later today. And it was a good thing we got her car in today since she moves back to the dorm on Monday. We need all three cars to move her stuff. Crazy isn't it?


  1. I remember playing car jockey when our children were at home. The car even had a place on the calendar. Sign up early and get the car!

  2. Not the best place to light up, huh? Haha. I love your stupid criminals.
    My hubby has a three wheel motorcycle -- I hate them in general but as he wanted a motorcycle he did the research and found they are pretty stable.
    Happy FF!

  3. "And then I've been wondering about car colors." - what a great fragment. For me that's the spirit of FF posts. Just off the wall, out of the blue, from left field type thoughts. BTW I think powder blue can look good, especially on a classic car. Ah what color is your hair dryer?

  4. 6500 hydrocodone pills? I'm think how did they ever accumulate that much? That had a lot of street value, I'm sure (not that I would know anything about that kind of thing).

    Car color that always gets my attention is purple. Can't figure that one out.