Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Fragments - I'm Alive!

Believe me the last few weeks have had me swamped at work with little time to think so I haven't be able to blog. I even had a whole week where I couldn't read anyone else's blogs I was so busy. But I'm taking a breather this morning to participate in Mrs. 4444 Friday Fragments.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

So what have I been doing the last few weeks? Two people's jobs that's what. My assistant took another job a month ago so I've been trying to parcel out her work to others in my office which requires extra supervision. Because I could do it but then I would be violating separation of duties and I can't have that. Good news is I've hired a new person but she isn't starting until we get back from our winter break. 

The other reason I was so busy was we had a site visit from our major sponsor get thrown at us right before Thanksgiving. For last week. So I spent the week entertaining them, planning the visit and all around drop dead tired activities. I wasn't home until 10 pm for several nights. I don't do well in that kind of environment. I needed a break.

Last Friday I took Whitney to see Justin Timberlake in concert. It was a good concert and he is a great entertainer. At one point there was part of the stage that moved over the floor all the way to the other side (much closer to us).

Our view of the stage
After the stage moved closer to us

It seems to me that we have a few houses in our neighborhood that are trying to out Griswold each other. We've always had one but a couple more joined the party. I need to take photos to do them justice.

This weekend is our church's Christmas Spectacular. I can't wait to see what they do this year. Every year is different and it is always entertaining. We'll be attending tonight with both grandmas and Whitney coming down from school. She still has finals next week so she won't be home officially until next Thursday.

I'm going to miss the Mom's weekend at her college tomorrow. Just didn't seem like a reason to go this year since we wouldn't be attending any of the shows they are doing. So she had better get my ornament that they give out. I need it for my collection.

Just a few things but I needed to prove I'm still alive and kicking. I seem to be able to post more on twitter so you can always follow me there!


  1. Busy time for you. I really love the 'adult' Justin Timberlake, he seems to be a great entertainer.

  2. Tis the Season, that's for sure. It's an 'interesting' (as in CRAZY) time of year to have Mom's weekend.

  3. I'm not all that familiar with Justin's music, but I like his acting. I know what you mean about being too busy to blog. I get that way too, then I surface when I can. Hope things slow down a little for you and you can enjoy the holidays. Happy Friday Frags!

  4. How cool with the concert; great thing to do with your daughter! You do sound busy! Hope it settles down a bit so you can enjoy Christmas!


  5. Glad you enjoyed the concert. Hopefully work will settle down and you can get back to normal (whatever normal is!)

  6. I can't believe they have Mom's weekend so close to finals. Looks like the concert was a hit! :)