Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of Whitney's sophomore year. It is hard to imagine that in two years she will be graduating and going off to college. This year she has learned to make reasonable arguments and draw her own conclusions about a wide range of topics. Her grasp of US History is great. Dan and her have had many discussions about different things and he has been impressed with discussions. Her knowledge of Spanish is greater than she thinks. She has had a math teacher who made algebra fun. She has also learned that she is not cut out for any job in the medical field thanks to biology. And she also learned that classes are much more interesting when you are with a bunch of kids who want to learn rather than thrown into the mix with those that think school stinks. Next year should hopefully continue the good student mix with two AP classes and advanced math and science and a fourth year of Spanish.

Congratulations Whitney on another good year!


  1. You are super great Whitney!! Way to go!!

  2. She had to work at it this year, and still got nothing but straight A's. Very proud of her.

    She also continued a tradition of picking her friends carefully.....a big factor in how your high school years go.

  3. Way to go, Whitney! I'm glad you had a great year!