Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's in the Crate?

I feel like this should be Where's Waldo? We received this crate at the office last week and I had to take a picture. Everything (packages and mail) have to be x-rayed in our building before delivery. My assistant was called down to the xray machine when this arrived because we had to explain what it was. The x-ray was showing over 200 nails holding it together and they couldn't figure out what was in it. The answer: a bottle of water. Yes, I know it sounds very strange. And it is very strange. Last year we had shipped a bottle of Gulf of Mexico water to Germany to be part of a museum exhibit. Long story but basically a researcher had gone and gotten it and wrote about it and the museum wanted it for an exhibit about weather stuff. Crazy. So we had shipped this perfume bottle of water to them. We didn't ship it quite so fancy. But it came back like this. And after we opened the box, we found out that the Germans had added more water and sealed the bottle. So it isn't even what we sent them. I can't imagine what it cost to ship but it sure makes an interesting story.


  1. Well, that's not nearly as interesting as the guessing people were making on fb. I think my personal favorite for a glass chandlier for your office. Any idea why they shipped it back to your office and didn't just toss it?

  2. Because it was borrowed and they had to return it to the owner. Of course adding water sort of makes it not be the same.

  3. ahhhh.... I assumed it was a gift and that you did not expect it back.