Monday, May 11, 2009

Lessons from The Lion King

Whitney and I saw The Lion King last night. It was the Broadway touring show and it really was fantastic. I believe there are a few life lessons to be learned from it.

1. Hakanu Matata may work for awhile, but then life catches up with you. As much as you say "No Worries" believe me worries come into play.

2. You cannot escape the past but you can embrace it and learn from it.

3. Family is very important and they love you no matter what.

4. We all have to die but we can make sure that we live on in spirit through our current actions.

5. And if all else fails, have a good funny sidekick who can crack some jokes. :D


  1. A couple more life lessons... when hungry enough, you can eat slimy bugs and if all else fails, put on a grass skirt and dance. :)

    Lion King will be here in Nov and Dec and we're already making plans to go. I've heard it's FABULOUS!!

  2. Well I'm not sure I would suggest the slimy bugs thing as a life lesson. That just sounds gross.