Sunday, May 24, 2009

My New Car

I finally have time to write about my new car. Last weekend I finally went to test-drive cars. It only took me two months of research to finally have the time to do it. I had it narrowed down to a Honda Civic Coupe and a Hyundai Tiburon. Dan and I went and I drove them. Whitney wasn't there so I had an out on the pushy salesman because I wanted her to see it too before I bought anything. The Honda place was so nice, it is where we bought our last car. The Hyundai place had a nice salesman but the sales manager was your typical pushy guy. I got a good offer before I left but knew I had to go back. So later that day we took Whitney to look at the cars. The Tiburon ended up having a really bad blind spot plus a rattle so I decided against it. But the Civic was good all around. Dan got them to let us take the car home and we would go back Monday with our decision. It was Sunday before I remembered that I was going to be in Oklahoma City at a conference all day and couldn't go back. But Dan talked to them on the phone Monday and actually negotiated the price that I wanted. They said it would be fine to come back on Tuesday. The car just sat in the garage for two days because I didn't want to risk bringing it out without owning it. So Tuesday afternoon I went to the dealer and did all the paperwork and was the proud owner of a silver Honda Civic Coupe. It is maybe not as sporty looking on the outside as it could be but inside it is sporty. And a Honda is always a good purchase. Now it is time for Whitney to get serious to learn how to drive the Stratus. We are officially a three car family. Got to find a place to park the extra car. It is hard since we have a fire hydrant in front of our house.


  1. I'm happy for you! I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Honda's are excellent cars. And I hear you on the parking situation. We are constantly moving cars now. It's like a jigsaw puzzle.