Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done

I used to scrapbook. I loved to scrapbook. I had all the magazines. I loved going to the scrapbook store (a relatively new place). And I joined an online group of people who scrapped. This was so early in the internet days that we all had dialin connections. I can't even imagine that anymore.

So there was going to be a huge scrapbook convention in Dallas in July. I really wanted to go. I don't know anyone in Dallas. Except one of the online scrap friends. She lived in Dallas. And she worked for Southwest airlines. And everyone else in the group wanted to go. So she said we could all stay in her house. And she would drive us around. And she would give some of them free tickets.

I am normally such a conservative person that when I told Dan that I wanted to go and stay with her and meet these people he thought I was nuts. And I probably was nuts. I don't think I even knew their last names. Yet I bought a plane ticket to get to Dallas really cheap. And we all planned our trip.

I flew there with most of my luggage being my scrapbook supplies. Because we were going to crop all weekend long. I met up with a couple of the other people in the airport and sure enough the girl was there to pick us up. She took us to her house, we met her husband, and it all worked out. Sure there was the normal griping amongst a bunch of women who had never met in person staying in a house with two bathrooms, but overall it was a good experience.

We did get to the airport really early to fly back because the "free" tickets were standby seats. A couple of the people didn't get home until the next day because there was nothing available so they weren't too happy about that. But I made it home all safe and sound.

And that is the craziest thing I've evern done in my life.


  1. It sounds like a fun time. I use to scrapbook. I don't any more. I never have time :-( I guess that is why I like blogging.

  2. Sounds like a grand adventure!!! I hope you took lots of pictures ~ I see a dedicated scrapbook in your future!!