Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Long Do You Keep a Piece of Paper

Our office owns radar trucks which we loan out. Well one is getting ready to leave the country and they have asked for the original bill of sale. On a truck bought in 2000. Really? Who keeps a bill of sale from 11 years ago? So I am diligently trying to track it down. Our records don't go back that far. The state only requires things to be held for seven years and if I kept every invoice for everything that every grant has ever bought I would be like one of those hoarders on tv with a narrow path to get anywhere. I certainly couldn't find ONE piece of paper.

So they may just have to go with the fact that yes we bought this truck in 2000 and believe that we paid for it.


  1. Tracy
    What part of OK are you in? I am near Tulsa :) yes Meers was on the list (I had a burger and OMG melt in your mouth onion rings :) and brough home a meers beer *not that I will drink it, but its in my collection of "things" lol

    thank you for stopping by
    hugs n blessings

  2. Wow! I barely keep anything for 7 years. That is amazing that they were requiring it!