Saturday, March 5, 2011

Productive Saturday

I finally decided that the snowmen had to be put away since spring is here. At least I think spring is here because the Bradford Pear trees around town all decided to bloom yesterday. And then the cold front came through and it felt like 30 degrees. But that is Oklahoma. So I thought I would help it along by putting away the snowmen. And I have a lot of them. So many that now I have too many holes to fill decorating wise. I am the absolute worst person about decorating. So a shopping trip may be in order which I really hate to do.

I think we decided on recessed lighting for the kitchen. We have agonized over what to replace that stupid florescent light with and let me tell you there aren't any good options. And the ceilings so desperately need to be painted that is holding us up. So we just have to suck up the cost and move on.

Our local custard place was having its anniversary party today. Free custard cones! And they brought back pumpkin for the day. My favorite. I'm so tempted to get two quarts since they have a special so I just have it in the freezer. It always makes me happy.

With our change in car insurance, I have to "supervise" 15 car rides with Whitney to get a discount. It is absolutely ridiculous that I have to do this. She's been driving for two years. If she had been 19 I wouldn't have to, but 18 I do. Pretty silly. I never ride with her. We all have our own cars and leave at different times even if we are going to the same place. But I purposely had her drive me to the bank and custard place. And I counted that as two trips. Since you know we got out of the car.

Whitney finally got a scholarship offer from OU. It sure took them long enough. Now the wait to get the financial aid total packages and a decision can be made. We all want OCU to win if they just come up with the right package. Fingers and toes are crossed here.


  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your mind to do!

  2. Hard to believe you're thinking about frozen custard when it's that cold.

    Good luck to your daughter, I remember waiting for "Sheldon's" offer letters, we were lucky hers covered her tuition at ASU.