Friday, June 7, 2013

Fridays are Fragilicious

OK. So I make up words. Doesn't everybody? I'm joining up with Mrs. 4444 for this week's Fragments edition. Then she is taking a summer vacation and someone else will be hosting it.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Stupid Criminal of the week was a man from Florida who decided to propose to his lady. Well unfortunately he decided that he needed to be naked to do this. And he didn't have her address right. Imagine the homeowners looking out to see a naked man proclaiming his love to them. The police were called. He resisted arrest and was tasered. Do you think alcohol may have been involved?

In two weeks I'll be packing up and getting ready for my 24 hour flight adventure. Three planes (one flight is 13 1/2 hours) and I'll be halfway around the world in China. Let me tell you trying to get stuff set up when it is night there when it is day here is difficult. But I have finalized the agenda, the hotel reservations and am close to finishing up local transportation. I still need to make sure my vacation part of the trip is done but I'm confident that all will be set.

In preparation for the trip I got a tetanus booster shot. I had always been told I was allergic to it but I decided better to have an allergic reaction to it here in the States than in China. Low and behold I wasn't allergic to this one. So now I'm set for ten years. Woohoo.

My mom is moving here at the end of the month. Last week the senior apartment complex let us know that they had an apartment that she was interested in open. I looked at it and it was in a good location. So in addition to the trip planning, I've got to get her bank account, electric service and the lease all done before I leave. Thank goodness she had the foresight to get me power of attorney. I'm hoping that the moving people show up after I get back from my trip so Dan doesn't have to deal with their arrival.

Whitney's summer class got postponed a week because of last week's tornadoes. The community college that she is going to had some major damage so they needed a week to get the roof fixed and clean up the flooding. So the eight week course will be crammed into seven. For some that might not be bad but she is taking statistics. I'm just glad they didn't cancel completely.

Our church is hosting a fun event for families affected by the tornadoes along with the volunteers and responders. There is a chance of rain but no major storms. I think we've had enough of those.

As many of you may have seen, there were some storm chasers killed in last Friday's tornado here. I work with people who knew them. They were very cautious and didn't take chances. I hope that the lesson learned is that tornadoes are dangerous even for "experts" and that you should not try and outrun them in a car. A car is the worst place to be. Please put as many walls between you and the tornado, get in a safe room either above or below ground, and cover up with blankets, helmets, pillows anything to protect your head.

So after that serious note, let's end with a picture of a puppy. Because really, what could be cuter than a puppy.
Image from Cute Dogs/Pets


  1. OMG - I hope the intended recipient of the failed proposal ultimately said no. I mean c'mon!! :)

    I bet you're getting super excited for your China trip!

    Very cool a nice place opened for your mom at the senior apartment complex near you guys - I bet it'll be nice having her closer.

    What a bummer about those storm chasers - tornadoes really aren't something to mess with! Stay safe!!

    Farewell to Friday for a Temporary Hiatus

  2. Good word for it - stupid! Heaven's above!

    A trip to China, what an experience that will be and so glad your Mom will be nearby.

    Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

  3. Um, I'm just going out on a limb here and saying that maybe, just MAYBE, he didn't know her as well as he thought if he didn't have her real address.

    Tornadoes scare the bejezus out of me. Give me a good old fashioned blizzard that I have plenty of warning for, any day.

  4. I imagine I will sooner or later see that FL man on one of shows Tim watches with the videos of stupid people.

    What an adventure China will be! I am jealous. Enjoy every minute of it.

  5. Why yes ma'am I DO make up words. Mine don't necessarily have any link to real words - I just find syllable sounds that seem ti convey my meaning.