Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Day Is Today?

It is one of those weeks and it is only Tuesday. Gee whiz. My stress level is high. My patience is thin. If I had time to get my blood pressure checked it would probably be high. And my time is short. In five days I'll be on a plane to go to China. I'd better get my act together.

Things that have made me smile -

A saw a father with his son teaching him how to hold a fishing pole on my drive to work. The boy was concentrating on everything the dad was saying.

I haven't killed my lilies yet. Even with all the rain and my tendency to over water everything.

An email from a former employee who heard I will be in China and wants to have lunch. I barely spoke to her when she was here but she was a sweetheart. How nice that she wants to see me.

The fact that I was right about something and I really wanted to be smug about it to the person who was wrong but I held back and was just nice and pleasant in my email.

So I'm ending with another cute puppy photo because it is a good way to de-stress.

Image from Cuteheaven.com

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  1. I am terrible at preparing in advance for trips -- always last minute and then telling myself NEXT time I will definitely start earlier! Have a wonderful trip. That puppy sure is cute and not helping curb my desire to get a puppy. In my mind I know our one dog is more than enough, but in my heart I think, "Aw, but puppies are so cute and our dog needs a playmate!"