Monday, June 3, 2013

Quite the Weekend Wrapup

Well what a weekend that was.

Friday was another weather adventure. We had been warned that between 4-7pm we would have storms that would be tornadic and they were. While the tornadoes were not as strong as the one last week, everyone was in a panic about them. So much misinformation about what to do...when to leave...when to stay. The interstates became parking lots with people trying to flee the tornadoes. Listen, a car is the worst place to be in a tornado. We left our house quite a bit before anything would hit Norman and went to my office...aka the safest building I know.
While it looks like we are waiting for class, it actually is a classroom that is below ground and could hold 600 people if needed. We got there in time for seats and before it even started to rain. The tornado sirens went off as we were walking into the building. We did not have a tornado here but we did have straight line winds at the building of 60-80 mph. A little farther north at my church, they had almost 100 mph because the 20,000 square foot tent that had been set up to hold all the donations collapsed in the wind.
The preliminary report from the NWS is that we had five tornadoes but that number could go up. It is hard to determine some places right now if it was straight line winds or a tornado. Unfortunately several people lost their life, most of them in their cars. There are also several people who are missing after taking shelter in drainage ditches which then flooded with the 7-10 inches of rain that came down in a matter of a couple of hours. I have never seen parts of the metro flood like this. We had almost 3 inches of rain here. We are officially out of the drought.

Saturday we went to help clean up the tent. Basically the tent had to be cut apart and then we had to rebox all the boxes that had gotten wet. Which is mostly everything. They have moved everything to warehouses or it is sitting on pallets in the parking lot while they try and find another warehouse. I forgot to put on sunscreen so now I'm sunburned after just a couple of hours outside.

The weather Saturday and Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. It was almost like Mother Nature was telling us it will be ok.

Sunday after church we headed to Lowe's to buy some plants. I just hadn't had time in May and then with the weather I've been afraid to plant. We bought some lilies and herbs. And then we got some new towel racks for Whitney's bathroom. The one in her room has fallen down so many times that we are going to have a major patch up job to do before installing a new one because the wall has a pretty big hole in it now.

Basil, Rosemary and Lilies
The mailbox has lilies in it this year

With all that going on I didn't do laundry or clean the house. Guess I'll need to do that along with getting back to the gym this week. 


  1. Wasn't the weather this weekend amazing? Just gorgeous.

  2. I wish my mailbox had a cute little planting box next to it. I have always liked those but never had one. Maybe some day!

    Thanks for visiting Zoe Cottage. Have been reading several posts here. Gonna follow.