Friday, December 6, 2013

Cold Friday Fragments

I'm joining mrs. 4444 for fragment time.

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Stupid criminal is the one who went to a convenience store and announced that he was going to rob the store later. Yes he did and he was caught since the clerk had warned the police and gotten his license plate number. Pretty dumb.

Cold weather here means we are closed. Good news is we had gotten stuff to make gumbo and they told us the day before. Sleep in time.

I finally passed a huge candy crush level and I think I really have hit the level that I'm never going to pass. 356 is going to be the death of,e.

I think our new angel is too big for our tree. Plus have to get used to these white lights. The corner is so bright.

We did get a bunch of snow last night.

And the trash men did come by this morning. I'll cut them some slack for missing the curb.

The neighbor kids are trying to sled but have limited options for hills. They are using the driveway that hasn't been cleared yet. I love how they can have fun with just that little bit.


  1. BRR! Stay warm and safe, Tracey! It's nearly 73 degrees here in Hotlanta...just doesn't feel like Christmas. Stop over today and enter my giveaway for a Christmas banner if you get the chance!

  2. I like a snow day when you know its coming and can plan a cozy day in. Stay warm!

  3. You git some serious snow! My kids dream of snow.

    And I think that has to be the stupidest criminal yet!

    Stay in and stay warm -- have a great weekend!

  4. What beautiful snow! Plus you could enjoy it from INSIDE your house! Snow days are the best!

  5. Hey, that's great you had fair warning! I love a snow day when I have all the fixin's for soup!

    I'm 480...for days!