Monday, December 2, 2013

December is Here

Well a four day weekend and back to work. And can I just say that I really need one more day to finish up the house. But alas I don't have that so will try and cram stuff into my evenings.

Thanksgiving started out at 32 degrees and bundling up for the Turkey Trot to benefit United Way long term tornado relief.

Having never done this before we didn't know what to expect and got there much earlier than we needed to. But we stayed in the car until the race started. It was chilly going but we warmed up. I had two layers on plus gloves and I ended up taking the gloves off at the end. I also ditched Dan within 100 feet of the start as we started weaving through all the people. But that's ok since we both had our music and hadn't really planned on walking together.

Turkey dinner was later than normal but we had good food and good company with both of our mothers visiting.

Friday I did nothing. Really I feel like I wasted the day. But we did learn a new game that my mother-in-law brought...Mexican Train. Its a dominoes game and pretty fun. Other than that...absolutely nothing was accomplished.

Saturday Whitney and I ventured to Walmart and it wasn't crowded at all. Loading my cart full of food seemed ironic after we had just had a big turkey dinner.

All of the decorations were pulled out of the attic.
I seem to keep expanding the box collection and then I still buy more stuff.

The snowmen have gathered together in solidarity. Mr. and Mrs. Claus have since been kicked out of their group and have moved on to a place of honor high atop the entertainment center.

After spending hours decorating the house I was tired and decided to put off the tree until Sunday.

Sunday was super foggy on the drive to church. In fact it was so bad that I would slow down everytime I came to an intersection because I couldn't see the stoplight until I was almost on it. It was a good thing that traffic was light.

Whitney went back to school and then I tackled the tree. I had forgotten how much fluffing you have to do with a new tree. After one hour I had the first section done.

I was getting worried I wouldn't get it done.

Another hour and all of the fluffing was done but then we ran into a big problem. My new angel was much bigger than the one we used to have. And it was too heavy for the top of the tree. Dan googled how to keep the toppers on and ended up calling the store we bought the tree at for suggestions. We ended up getting a dowel to add stability to the top and that seemed to help. And then we have to figure out how to get the angel's dress to lay right so you aren't staring up it and seeing the plastic cone. By now it is after 5 and I've been at this tree for three hours. I just couldn't work up the energy to finish the fluffing, unpack the ornaments and put them on the tree. So there it sits, pulled out from the wall and looking forlorn.

Tonight's task will be to shore up the angel a bit more and add the ornaments. I think we are skipping the garland this year so that helps.


  1. Good for you doing the Turkey Trot!
    It's such a process, the whole decorating thing, isn't it? Ugh.
    For some reason the top or our tree only has a hole and not a pointy tree top. Unless we somehow lost it the first year... anyway, it's always a new plan as to how to get the star to stay on top. Ha.

  2. I cannot imagine being out in those cold temps, but good for you! The girls and I ventured out for awhile on Saturday and I couldn't believe the lack of crowds. Good luck with getting your decorating done!

  3. Oh man! I gotta get my decorations out. I can't believe we haven't done that yet.

    Love your snowmen!