Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Activities

Well that weekend went by quickly. Too quickly.

Friday night I went to the wedding of our volunteer coordinator at church. It was in a historic building with bad acoustics. But a lovely wedding. It had a Great Gatsby theme. All the bridesmaid dresses (8 of them) were different and either gold, silver or black with lots of beading and shimmery stuff. Stunning. His last name is Truelove so they kept using #truelove on all the twitter and facebook posts. How cute is that?

The couple during their first dance

It was great to see so many people from church attend. They were married by one of my favorite pastors.

Saturday morning I slept until noon. Crazy I tell you. I have no idea what that was about except I haven't been sleeping well. So my Saturday was shot from the beginning. I had to do lots of grocery shopping and get stuff for my mom. She still can't drive.

I took a picture of her staples and she looks like a Frankenstein bride on her neck. The staples should come out today though.

Sunday was church and shopping at Lowe's for new electrical covers and a new blind. The blind has to be custom ordered so we are sleeping with a sheet over the window. Very classy I know but we didn't want to install the old blind over the freshly painted walls.

Then we watched the Baseball Hall of Fame inductions. We were supposed to go but had to cancel after our Hawaii trip got confirmed. So we watched on tv. It was so great to see the Braves players and coach go in together. I hope next year the third leg of the pitching trio goes in. That would be so great.

Another busy week here for me between work and home. I'm looking forward to a vacation...someday. 


  1. How cute about the wedding and their theme! I don't think I ever heard of such a theme before.

    Your body probably needed the sleep! I can't tell you the last time I slept until 9 a.m. let alone noon; bit jealous here :)


  2. Your vacation will be here before you know it! Just keep holding on to that!

  3. Wait... I'm missing everything! Why does your mom have stitches??? And hello? Hawaii??? I am so jealous! It's a very cute last name, but I suspect the # accounts are photo bombed by unsuspecting people quite often. :)