Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Fragments

What is this? I'm blogging three times in one week after taking a couple of weeks off? Is it magic? Maybe so. Just keep reading and enjoy it.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Last night my women's group had a bunco night. It had been years since I played and it was a huge hit. We had three groups going (there was probably 50 women there) and it was a ton of fun. Everyone hoped that they would do it every month. They would have to work out a different day since we normally have bible study on Thursday nights. That starts in a couple of weeks. We are doing Malachi by Lisa Harper.

The sun came out yesterday and decided to stick around for more than one day. And temperatures will be in the 50's!

I need to take my tree down this weekend and put away Christmas decorations. I've enjoyed the extra time with the lights on but alas all pretty things must end. Plus if I get the tree put away I can start working on puzzles again.

My new assistant has been here for two weeks and I'm encouraged by how hard she is working and picking things up. I think I made a good choice!

Whitney is happy to be back at school. She only has four classes this semester but three of them are acting like capstone courses. So she will be working on lots of business plans and should be quite the expert when she is done.

The gym has been super busy with all the new year resolution people. As long as I have a treadmill to walk on I'm happy but getting a parking space means parking way far away. Not a problem except when it is 20 degrees and I'm in shorts. But I've increased my time on the treadmill because it was seeming too easy. That means more time to read my books.

And there you have it...a complete fragments post!


  1. I just told hubby this morning I need to start using our treadmill. I've never played bunco..I'm not even sure what it is. However I have a co-worker who has bunco parties.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I enjoy listening to audiobooks on the treadmill; it takes the monotony out of it.

    It's been warm here, too; 19 today. I switched to a short coat!

    I have been parking farther away from our school building lately; just trying to get some more steps in!

    Assistant?! That sounds wonderful; glad it's working out!

    Thanks for linking up, Tracy ! Have a great weekend!

  3. Bunco seems so much fun. Heard of others playing it. Your Bible study looks interesting, might have to check it out. Going to join a gym this weekend, LOL, hoping to get walking on that treadmill soon :)


  4. I need to get my treadmill back from DD2, she will be moving to Springfield this year and won't take it with her.