Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Fragments

I'm getting a late start on these. Seems to be the song of my life lately.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

The geese were at the end of my street today blocking my way to work. They have taken to living at our neighborhood pond and they certainly think they own all land. Not afraid of cars at all.

I'm once again a member of the USA Today Ad Panel. We rank the Super Bowl ads. Anyone can sign up to be a member. I like having my voice heard. Not a lot of people join so I actually feel like I'm a part of something.

So I'm one of those people who watch the game for the commercials only. That's ok...I also watch the puppy bowl on Animal Planet to watch the cute puppies.

We had three straight days of record highs this week while the northeast was getting snow. I didn't feel a bit sorry for that.

The last two times I've filled my car up it has been $18. Gas prices last week were $1.65. Living in a state that is dependent on oil and gas prices, we've had huge announcements of layoffs because of the lower prices. They've already warned us that the state budgets may need to be cut. And tax revenue is down significantly. 

We tried two new recipes this week. One was definitely a keeper and we will make again soon. Basil Pesto Chicken only had a few ingredients and super simple to make. The other was a frittata recipe that tasted ok but nothing special. So out goes that recipe. 

My hectic work week finished with all the stress yesterday. Got all the proposals done and my last progress report turned in this morning. Now I can concentrate on all my regular job duties. It felt so nice to go home last night and be able to turn my mind off of work. I slept much better.


  1. There's never a win-win situation, is there? I'm glad gas prices are low, but tough people laid off as a result plus reduction in possible school budgets. Too bad we can't have both; low prices and people still employed. Hubby always would drive through birds on the ground where he used to walk the dog. The birds would scatter. It would scare me, afraid he would hit one of them. Wonder if the geese would scatter?


  2. Our turkeys are like that. One year Youngest and I were running a mile a day every day in January and the turkey would most often run along side us.

    No need to feel bad about the snow we got... the extreme weather is why I live here. I lived in FL for 7 years and hated it. New England is where I need to be.... and I'm still saying that after having shoveled (again) more pathways of over 3 feet of snow. Now, come Tuesday morning I may be dreading the shovel (predicting another 12-18 inches) but hey... it'll all be gone in 5 weeks. :)

  3. Recipe, please! I filled up my car for $9.21 the other day. I got an extra 500 points from Kroger, so I paid less than $1/gallon.

  4. We live across the OK-Missouri state line near Joplin. The weather the past week has been great, but tonite it turned really cold.