Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fragments - Oh What A Week

My blogging has been slow of late. Lots of stuff going on and nothing came to mind to write about. Hopefully will pick up soon.

I spent two days with the worst headache in the world. I don't get migraines but I imagine this is similar to what they are like. Literally I was a log with no energy and ate only some crackers all day. Day two I was just tired. I looked at my work email and forwarded the important stuff to my assistant. It would have helped if I typed in her email address correctly. I knew my decision to stay home that day was probably smart if I couldn't remember to not send it to a yahoo address. She doesn't even have one.

I got to meet my blog friend this week and have dinner with her twice. More on that to come. Of course did I take a picture of the two of us? No. She did so I'm just waiting for it to come via email. I did take a picture of the hotel she stayed at. The Skirvin is an old renovated hotel that is supposed to be haunted. In the two story lobby then had red velvet curtains and these were carved at the tops of the pillars.
Not what I expect in Oklahoma.

I volunteered for three services Sunday for Easter at church. I thought when I filled out the form that they would just pick one but they have me for all three. I could probably get out of the 6pm one but that looks like the one they need the most help at.

I didn't buy into that MegaMillions ticket buying spree last week. If it had gotten up to a billion dollar pot I might have. So I'm glad people won to save me from buying a ticket.

Remember the reason we celebrate Easter. Here's a doesn't involved bunnies, chocolate or eggs.

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  1. Migranes...they're not fun at all.

    As for the lottery mega millions....I've oftentimes wondered that either you have a single winner or a group has bought the winning come there hasn't been a duplicate GROUP and a single having the winning all the lottery history? Makes me think it's 'fixed' some how.

    My Fragmented Hour --it'll knock your socks off

  2. I'm not a fan of the blogging blahs - - - but that does NOT stop them from hitting me either.

  3. I love the columns. But no, also not what I'd expect in OK.

  4. Unless you aren't Christian, then it is all about chocolate, eggs & bunnies. I was very surprised to see my very first chocolate cross ever [in Walmart, no surprise there] the other day.

    We're Catholic, but we don't own Easter, [nor does anyone else] and I think it is nice that others can share in the day even if they don't believe as we do.

    Glad you got rid of your headache, they really can be debilitating, can' they?

    Hope you have a great weekend & a blessed Easter.

  5. Wow, sounds like quite the week you had. Hope all goes well at Church on Sunday.

  6. Here's hoping you never see another headache like that again!!

    Meeting blogging friends IRL is really fun.

    Three services? Did they think you had no life? Hm. Thanks for your sacrifice :)

    Keetha and Anni--They sure made the rounds this week, didn't they? What a couple of sweethearts.

  7. I am so glad you were feeling better! And weren't those carvings WILD?!! Who THINKS of that?!!

    Hope you had a very Happy Easter dear!