Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fragments

Well I thought I would have a bunch of fragments and now I can't remember most of them. So we'll just see how well I do as I type freeform!

It rained last night. It was a lovely sounding rain with thunder in the distance. Of course that means we can't mow the yard (still). I'm afraid the neighborhood will ban against us. We've become the yard that looks bad because we still haven't mowed for the first time. Hopefully this weekend. I hope to get the bird feeders out and look at planting a couple of flowers. That might be pushing it though.

My tv viewing has come down quite a bit since shows I watched ended and I haven't added any new ones. Revenge and Glee just started back up so we have about 5 more weeks of those. Amazing Race is still going but losing steam. And I really don't have any other reality shows on right now. Guess that means we should be watching baseball.

Whitney will be home in two weeks for summer break. We'll have to go up to school to help her pack up the dorm room and move back. Where in the world are we going to put all her stuff?

Her summer job doesn't start until public school is out so she will have three weeks at home to do nothing. My guess sleep will be high on the list of activities.

Work has been super busy still. I thought last week when I had a bunch of proposals due that was going to be it. But now there is another proposal deadline next week and I know of at least 5 proposals going out for that one. Plus add on working on next year's budget and whew I'm getting worn out by spreadsheets and numbers.

Next week is Staff Week at work. Its one week where they have different activities for the staff who works here. I haven't attended any of the activities in years though. I had been on the committee for a long time and got burned out. But I'm thinking I may go to bingo on Monday. Maybe I can get lucky.

Those certainly were not exciting fragments. I need to make notes so next week I'm better prepared.

Mommy's Idea


  1. I'll admit I seldom do the fragments freeform or ad lib.
    I try to keep notes during the week of ideas.
    Our basement has seen many home from school piles of stuff.

  2. Hey I liked them. And I think you can add "shopping" to the "sleeping" for your daughter. heehee Squirrel gets home two weeks from today [can't wait] and she will add to those two things the missed art of eating Mom's home cooking and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She says the food is great at school and she hasn't lost any weight, nor gained it come to think of it, but she says nothing tastes like Mommas.

    Staff week sounds like fun. I know you are insanely busy, but if they are going to sanction "goofing off" in the spirit of team building who are you to say no? heehee Rest your brain. You deserve it.

    You cracked me up about the lawn. I can see that - and people don't care what great reason you have, they WILL report you. It is supposed to storm here all weekend. Just as well - I have a bunch of inside projects I can get done. If it was pretty outside I would leave at 6 am Saturday and try not to return until Sunday evening. :D

    Enjoy [and honestly, I did enjoy this, without notes]

  3. These were fine fragments, indeed. I have a yard full of flowers, shrubs and rocks. Not a bit of grass, which is sorta normal in Honduras. I like my palms and crazy flowers, and I do not miss cutting grass at all. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Last year we had gone so long between mowing the lawn that one of my co-workers came to the house to deliver a package and had to check the house number to be sure.

    She thought the house was vacant.

  5. I always HATE it when our regular shows go into "estivation" for the summer!

  6. The beautiful thing about fragments is that there are no "quality" requirements! :)

    I loved the rain, too, and the fact that I don't have to feel guilty about not mowing the lawn today.

    Happy for you--that you'll get to have your daughter home again soon.

    Enjoy your weekend!! :)

  7. Sharing bits and pieces of your life is what Friday Fragments are all about. I enjoyed reading yours.

  8. OS will graduate in a couple of weeks, so we'll have his stuff in our basement for a while! They deserve a couple of weeks of "decompression"!