Monday, April 16, 2012

Paper, Paper, Paper...Everywhere

Do you ever get the feeling you are drowning in paper? It seems that no matter how much work I get done, the paper multiplies.

This is the pile that isn't quite as important. It hangs out behind me so I don't look at it all day. If I looked at it all day I think I would go crazy. And yes my desk drawer is still broken. I refuse to pay $40 to get it fixed.

This is the pile of paper next to my computer. It should be all the important stuff that I'm working on or that my boss gives to me that he thinks is important to work on. See that folder up there...that's from a meeting three weeks ago. I'm supposed to type up what was decided and email it around the country. Ask me how far I've gotten on that. Don't you just love the pattern of the paper to match the desk curve? That was accidental but looks cool.

My steno pad is what keeps me on track. Well sort of. I write down any phone messages and then I also scribble any notes that I think are important. I keep them around for a year in a drawer. I'm not sure what good that does since I don't date anything. But it makes me feel important.

The sad thing is that I hate to have clutter. Some days I'll try and straighten it up and clear stuff off. But then it just grows again.


  1. Paper is my life. Seriously.

    Junk mail pays my mortgage. If I even think about going to paperless billing Tony gets all crazy that I'm single handedly killing the Postal system.


    I'll be building a paper mache castle later this year.

  2. Those notes that have to typed and emailed to everyone? I swear I would grow gray hair if that was hanging over my head for three weeks. You must be insanely busy with that simple tasks can't get finished. Okay, that insanely busy part would cause the gray hair, the emails would just keep me up at night. heehee

    And I laughed when I saw the "perfect" arrangement of rectangular papers around the curved edge of the desk. Niiiice. And totally looks like something I would do. On purpose. "Well, if I can't get it put away, filed, done I will just make it look purty while it waits." heehee So not kidding.

    I can see, from your writings, that you do make some time for yourself, but I don't think there are enough hours in the day for you, the family and that job. WOW! I am proud of you, but winded just thinking about it.

    Take care and may Friday get here soon. :)

  3. I love it that you found the positive in the paper matching the curve of the desk. Only you, my dear, would find the happy positive in a day full of paper! love that! :)