Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet My Friend Sarah

The long awaited blog about my blog friend Sarah. Sarah writes Sarah has Moxie and if you haven't read it, head on over and see how fabulous she is. I found her blog through Bloggers "Blogs of Note". Its the only one I've ever seen on that list that is remotely interesting. She currently lives in Brussels but originally is from Minnesota. She travels the world both for her job and also because she loves exploring. In many ways we are complete opposites and yet we talked for hours over two nights.

We met for dinner twice last week. (Guess that means she didn't get tired of me after one night, lol). I love what she wanted: steak, Mexican and BBQ. To hear her describe the food in Brussels they don't know anything about beef. So the first night we went to Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse. It satisfied her steak need and we shared a bottle of wine and talked about random topics. Of course, the only photo I took was of dessert. The steak was delicious but my dessert was the star.
Apple Crisp

Key Lime Tart
The next dinner we had was BBQ. We went to Earl's Rib Palace and the moment you walk into the place you smell the smoke. Sarah was so funny, she just wanted to take in all that smoke and try and smell like it on the plane the next day. Once again, Oklahoma delivered and she was quite happy even saying the sauce was one of the best she had in a long time.

Being around Sarah made me realize that you take many things for granted when you live in the same place forever. She talked about the open sky and the grandness of the land. To me it is so normal to see the sky and the grandness I see as plain old flat land. What a refreshing take on things. The other thing that we take for granted is being an American. You never really think about it unless you are like Sarah and live in a different country. For all our faults, the USA is still the best place to live in the world.

I'm very happy to have finally met this woman who has kept me entertained for years with her stories about trips to Paris and South Africa, the "Sass Cobra" and living life across the ocean. Thank you Sarah for two great evenings.

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  1. oh Tracy! That was SO much fun!!! I swear, I opened up my suitcase here in Brussels, and (you'll laugh now...) picked up my sweater, inhaled, and said, "ahhhh barbecue!!! I have GOT to tell Tracy!!" :) THANK YOU for such a great couple nights in a beautiful place. Oklahoma got me to fall even more in love with America all over again! See you in June, dear! :)