Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fragments - June 1 edition

Mommy's Idea
Friday Fragments time with Mrs. 4444

 Yes it is June 1. That means we are close to halfway done with another year. Wow. Time flies when you are having fun. Of course time flies when you aren't having fun but no one ever says that.

This week's stupid criminal is actually four people. These people decided to go out on a double date and then skip out without paying at the restaurant. (BAD DATE). When they got to their car, they had locked the keys in it. So one of the girls went next door and asked the police to help. They gave her the number for a towing company. In the meantime the restaurant called to notify the police of the theft. It didn't take long for the police to arrest the group.

There was a bad hailstorm just a little north of us this week. Entire car lots had all the windows broken. Baseball size hail can do that. Of course when weather like this happens, the weather guys are on the news constantly instead of regular programming. Everyone has their favorite station. One of the ones I don't watch has the most excitable people on it (reason not to watch). The weatherman always seems to have flashy ties (Whitney actually said it looked like it had rhinestones this time and he has a facebook page dedicated to his ties). But I saw this video when the big hail was hitting the news station and just laughed.

I continue to have new birds come visit my birdfeeders in the backyard. This year I've had both red and green finches along with some scissortails. I also have more of my "big birds". I think they are pigeons but I will refer to them as big birds. Unfortunately we also had a bird die in the backyard. Abby found the body and tried to investigate. We are pretty sure she didn't attack it because Dan said there were four birds on the ground within four feet of her eating birdfood. If anything, Abby would be afraid of them. My brave hunter dog. If you knew her you would be laughing right now at that description.

Speaking of Abby, I think as she gets older her sense of smell gets better. She has an uncanny ability that the moment meat comes out of the fridge to be there. You can open the fridge multiple other times and not get meat and she just stays sleeping. But you get a piece of ham out of them and then BAM she is waiting wanting a piece. Not that she gets any but she sure is hopeful.

That's it for my Friday Fragments. The lists have started and I've been printing out directions for all of the hotels we will be staying at. Also making a list of days that things happen at our house so Whitney can take care of them (like trash day). 18 days and I'm on a plane!


  1. Hail that can break a windshield is scary in my opinion. The pea sized hail is sorta cool to see.
    Have a great trip.

  2. What a great clip to post though. That is some scary weather though.

  3. Have fun! I make all kinds of lists. Nothing ever gets done. *sigh*

  4. Some of your dumb crime stories just make me shake my head in utter amazement - - - this was one of those.

  5. It seems as if dogs can be blind but the nose always works!

  6. Too bad you don't have my favorite meteorologist in your area! He's a keeper! :)