Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Wrapup - June 18

So I did something silly and went and got a new phone yesterday...two days before I leave on a vacation. Luckily it is almost exactly like my old phone. But I had to go download ringtones (does anyone else think the standard ones they put on the phones are stupid). I also have to get used to the keyboard. I like the phones that slide out and have a real keyboard and this one is much stiffer to use than my old one. The space button is especially hard. So I get lots of run on words.

The poor Thunder lost last night in a tough game That's two tough losses in a row. Here's hoping that Tuesday night will be better.

Church for Father's Day was interesting. They had monster trucks, semi trucks, big pickup trucks, miniature golf, free tshirts for dads that said "Journey Up". (The name of the church is JourneyChurch and Thunder Up is the big basketball slogan). I was going to take a picture of the trucks but my camera battery was dead.

Which led to my trip to Best Buy to get a new one and then the new phone (which was free). So now I have two batteries charged up, three new sets of earbuds for ipod/ipad, and a new phone. I also bought a pair of waterproof pants in case it rains on the trip. I wasn't going to do that but then I thought about when we go ziplining and I didn't want to be caught in lots of rain with just my jeans on. That would be miserable. And if I don't use them, I'll return them.

The plane leaves early tomorrow morning (6:45 am) blech. I hope we can get into our hotel room early because otherwise we will have a long wait. I may need a nap.

Hope everyone has a lovely week.

Had to add in the video they played at church for the dads yesterday. These guys are all associate pastors at church.


  1. Wow! I might be able to get my daughter to go to church for monster trucks.

    Safe travels and have a wonderful time on your vacation. :)

  2. Be safe and have a great time on your vacation!