Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fragments

Joining up with Mrs. 4444 for this week's edition of Friday Fragments.

Mommy's Idea

Dan fixed the garage door all by himself! One of the wire things that help guide it down had come unwound and the door wouldn't go down. I saw that it could be unhooked and then he had to wind the cable and rehook it. He also tightened up the chain. It works great now.

Had to take Whitney to urgent care on Friday because the ball of her foot hurt too bad to walk on. The doctor there took xrays and there was something on it but he wasn't sure it was a crack. So he gave her a boot to use over the weekend. Tuesday went to the orthopedist and it isn't broken. He didn't know what it was either (great use of medical degrees guys). She feels better so is going to try to work without the boot and see how it goes. Unfortunately she had to miss going to Tiger Safari yesterday for the field trip at summer camp and she was sad. She loved it last year and got to feed a tiger.

I've spent my week cleaning out files at work. So far I've gotten rid of about 4 feet of paper. Much of it has to be shredded because it has social security numbers and salary information. I can only do that in batches or I'll blow out the shredder. I've filled up the recycle bins 3 times with stuff. And there is more to go through if I feel up to it. Amazing how we are supposed to be "paperless".

The Thunder rolled on Wednesday night. It was a great game with a comeback from 18 points down to win by 8 and go to the NBA finals. We get to host games 1 and 2 on Tuesday and Thursday next week. A funny photo this week was a building put out a big beard to mimic James Harden's beard. Everyone says Fear the Beard. Pretty funny.

I realize that if the finals go more than 4 games I won't be home to watch them. So the Thunder needs to win all four so I don't have to wonder about it while on the cruise ship.

I'm going to try out the local beauty school to get my haircut on Saturday. Whitney has gone there a couple of times and its turned out well. I haven't had it cut since my groupon disaster so it really needs it. My poor bangs have been hacked at by me a few times and it really is time to get it done right.


  1. "Fear the Beard": Hilarious!
    Surely they'll have it on tv on the ship, won't they? Sometimes I think a team will throw a game to make the series last longer.

  2. Good luck to the Thunder in the NBA finals. As a Raptors fan I know little of this type of success.

  3. I cut my own bangs too sometimes. Probably not a good thing on my part. haha

    I did the same thing at my work earlier this year. Scanned most of it and then shredded it. I got rid of a 4-drawer file cabinet in my office. Sure gives me a lot more room in there.

  4. You're not gonna like me today 'cause I'm pulling for the Heat.

    Also - - - medicine is a very tricky thing, it isn't all cut and dried like we wish it was. My hubby is a medical provider, gotta stick up for them.

  5. Isn't it great to have a handy husband?

    I hope Whitney's foot mystery gets solved or disappears soon.

    Going to new hair places can be stressful, but at least the beauty school will have supervisors available :)

    Thanks for linking up, Tracy. Have a great weekend.