Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Fragments - Party Time

Joining up with Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. Come join us.

Mommy's Idea

Anyone else all Christmas music? I have it on in the car and then I have four different Pandora stations playing in my office while I'm at work.

Joyce at From This Side of the Pond started a 12 Days of Christmas Kindness this month. Please join in if you can.

Potluck dinner with my bible study group was Thursday. This was my first try at this and I was quite happy with it. The thing I liked most was that the women were at least in a general vicinity of my age. There are a lot of young people who attend my church so it was nice to be able to be around middle aged women.

Getting my hair done this afternoon so I don't embarrass Whitney at Mom's Day Saturday at school. They are having a tea at the President's house and also her sorority has a little thing planned. Looking forward to seeing her even though she'll be home a week later for a month.

Next weekend is Christmas Spectacular at church. 7 services full of music, dance and entertainment. Last year they had a drum line and aerial acrobatics. This year we have a great dance group that I've seen on tv before on my favorite dance show, So You Think You Can Dance. I'm volunteering at 4 services and sitting and just watching one of them. If you are in Norman, you should come by!

My online shopping orders are finally starting to come in. I still have a bunch more to do but at least I have gifts. I decided to put off buying a tree. I found the one I like but since I'm not putting it out this year, I am going to wait to spend that kind of money. It is at the year-round Christmas store so I can pick it up later and not worry about them running out.


  1. Oh, yeah! I'm into the Christmas music. I have the Holly station on sirius in my car, and about 3 different stations on Songza!


  2. In a former town where we lived, our church also put on a HUGE Christmas musical play. I LOVED being in that, and truly do miss it.

  3. Wow! The Christmas Spectacular sounds totally awesome!

  4. I am all Christmas music - have been for a week or so now. Love Pandora for Christmas music!

    There are a lot of young people at our church ... I don't have a lot in common with many of the women my age, but it's nice to be able to be around other women my age.

    All of my online shopping orders are in now ... I've got a few left to wrap. Then all I need to do is get a few stocking stuffers.

  5. Yesterday I took a short afternoon break. While doing so, I listened to soothing old style Christmas classics. What a great way to unwind, isn't it?

  6. I don't know that I could handle non-stop Christmas music. It's nice to find a welcoming group with similar goals. Hopefully they don't come with drama and political dynamics - that always screws up a good time.

  7. Our church is very traditional and we are having our cantata tomorrow. I know it will be beautiful and I'm looking forward to that.....I can't imagine 7 services! How wonderful!

  8. We are Christmas music constantly here too!!

    It is very nice to be able to hang with similar aged folks. I get this now as I race through the middle 30's.

  9. Not as into the Christmas music this year. Don't know why. Maybe on the 24th...