Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend WrapUp

Saturday I spent the day with Whitney for Mom's Day at her university. They had a tea at the President's house which is on campus and then a reception later in the day. They have their Mom's Day so late because there are so many shows (big dance show, theatre production and choir show) that they invite the families now to see their kids perform. Of course I don't have a performer but I still enjoy the day. Each year we receive an ornament. I'm glad their mascot is a star.

Sunday was crafting day. I made gifts to give to my co-workers and neighbors. Nothing elaborate, but I like to do something that takes a little effort to show I care.

Just add ribbon and Christmas picks to store bought candles and you have something that is a little unusual.

The weather turned cold yesterday so it was nice to be able to wear a sweater to work today without worrying about being too hot.

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  1. Great idea to put the picks on the candles for that "something extra"!