Friday, May 31, 2013

Healing in the Heartland

Having never been to a live show that was on tv, I wasn't sure what to expect. When there were commercials, we were told it was a commercial and how long until we came back. They told us applause as we came back or when we should be using are smart phones to light up the arena.

Vince Gill - simple yet elegant
Before the show Blake Shelton had told us that we would have a concert after the tv portion was over. And it was quite the show. First Team Usher and Team Blake along with their coaches performed a song to be broadcast on I believe Monday's show. The teams had sung the national anthem earlier and they sounded incredible together. Amazing how their voices could blend together so nicely.
Then Blake sang a couple of songs.
Miranda Lambert had put on the tshirt they were selling. The crowd was pretty rocking by this time.

Blake and Reba did Oklahoma Swing and he forgot the words

Usher sang Superstition
By far the loudest the crowd got all night was when Luke Bryan came out in the after portion. Oh my, the women were up dancing and he was working the crowd. I hadn't really lost my hearing until then.

It was a very interesting crowd. The people next to us were all about Reba. The people in front of us were most into Luke Bryan. And then you had us. I only knew a few of the songs. But I enjoyed the music. There were a lot of families and lots of cowboy boots.

The news said they raised $6 million dollars. Thank you to anyone who donated.

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