Monday, October 7, 2013

Elephants at Church - You Mean that Doesn't Happen to You?

Sunday we had two elephants at church for people to ride and the pastor brought one up on stage. Surely every church has elephants...right?

Lest you think we just have carnivals and animals at our church, Pastor Clark started a series entitled "Elephants" about all those things that heavy in church or that you don't want to talk about. You know "Elephant in the Room" kind of stuff.

In other things this weekend it was cool so I cooked and baked. I tried to make an apple galette which is a fancy name for a rustic tart. It turned out ok but I had too many apples for it to form right.

I also went shopping. Our town just got a DSW a few weeks ago and HomeGoods opened up last weekend. Plus I had Kohl's cash to spend. I did good buying just a few things and spending less than $75 on boots, candles, and some decorating stuff.

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