Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444 host Friday Fragments and has some really cute photos of her dogs. You should check it out.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I've had to run the heat a few mornings in the house. Yay fall is here!

What is it about new jeans that make you hate wearing them? I bought two pairs and already decided I was returning one before I even wore them. Then the second pair the first time I wore them had that new jean yuck factor. I hoped by washing them it would get some of the stiffness and smell off them but they still smell. The outside is soft but they seem stiffer than my broken in by years of wearing them jeans. Oh how I love broken in jeans. Guess that's why distressed jeans are so popular.

Stupid criminal of the week is the guy who tried to pay his water bill with cocaine. He put it in an envelope and when a mysterious powder substance was found the police were called. After it was determined it was cocaine, he was pretty easy to track down since his address was on the bill.

We keep trying new recipes and nothing is making us go wow. But it is about time to pull out our old staples of comfort food that makes lots of leftovers. And I just need to plan better because the freezer is full of pork and chicken that just has to be thawed to cook with. 

This week I got notice that I need to right a progress report on a grant we got. Nothing strange about that except it is a report on one month but we didn't get the grant until the last day of the month. So I think my report will be "Nothing to report due to not receiving grant". Think the government will accept that?
I wish I lived near wherever this photo was taken. I miss fall leaves.


  1. The dumb criminal reports never cease to amaze and disgust me.
    I think your report should show "accepted grant on --- date"

  2. I wear jeans until the pair have holes and tears. Nothing is better than an favorite old pair of Levis.

  3. I have SUCH a hard time finding the perfect jeans! Good to know I'm not alone. That's probably why I find a pair and wear them until they fall apart :)

  4. I need new jeans right now, but I know I will not buy something that immediately feels comfy. I know exactly what you mean.

    I live where the trees look like that. I'm thankful...almost makes up for the brutal too long winters we get. Almost : )

  5. I totally hate new jeans too! I think I look horrible in jeans until they've softened up a little. Maybe it has something to do with how they hug my curves?

  6. I hate new jeans too. I usually wash them a few times but there is no use. You just have to wear them in.
    Your dumb criminals always have me shaking my head.
    Last week we drove from Florida to Pa. The tree's didn't really have much change until we got into Maryland and even there it wasn't a lot.
    The cold weater arrived the other day so I'm sure they are all changing now.