Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fragments - I may be blogging from Kansas if the wind doesn't stop

Life in Oklahoma. Wind, wind, wind. But I'm still here so I'm joining with Mrs. 4444 this week for Friday Fragments.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

My desk has never seen so much paper and projects in its life. I don't think it was just being out of town for a week. I think the paper decided to multiply and have babies. It can do that...right? But among all the paper is about $500,000 in proposals that we are definitely getting the money for so it is all worth it. I just have to finish writing them.

I have missed the last few weeks at church due to being out of town and some other issues. I told our volunteer coordinator I was taking a break from ushering. Within one day, I had 5 different people from church call me to make sure I was ok. I guess I'm missed and that people like me. 

Stupid criminal this week is a man who was released from prison after 15 years for robbing a store. So what did he do to celebrate getting out of jail? He went back and robbed the same store. He was caught after K9 police chased him down. Back to jail he goes. I think the store needs to be notified when he gets out the next time and have police waiting for him as he arrives.

I've got several of my posts written already for next month's A-Z Blog Challenge. I need to scan in some pictures for C but otherwise the first week is done. And I came up with new things for a couple more letters. I still need to figure out 10 letters. My brain better kick it into gear. The theme is bucket list which seems to be unique at least from what was on the theme reveal.

I am about to go a little crazy at Target. They have their Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones/Healthy Choice meals buy 1/get 1 free. That makes these unbelievably cheap. So I've done one trip and need to go back for more. How much can my freezer hold? I eat these every day for lunch so it is a really good thing for me to stock up on.

This weekend I need to put all my snowmen stuff away. I got it all together and the box down from the attic, but I still haven't wrapped anything up. I am so far behind on many things. Just finished taxes last weekend. Normally I have them done in early February. Maybe it's the weather?


  1. I love your stupid criminal stories. Sometimes people are so dumb. Thanks for making me laugh.

    Hurry and put those snowmen away. Maybe that's why the weather is so crazy. :)

  2. I usually buy all my Lean Cuisine at Target anymore. Cheaper... & that red card gets me another 5% YES!

  3. Thanks for sharing your criminal story. Yes I think paper can produce babies on their own.

  4. That's really sweet your church community checked up on you! Love that.
    Good for you getting your first week done! I'm winging it. LOL

  5. I wonder if he spent 15 years (that's long time) figuring out how he could pull off the job better. Our daughter put away her snowmen and her toddler was upset so she had to put out the bunnies right away.

  6. About the stupid criminal: It would save a lot of time if they would be waiting for him at the store next time he gets out!
    I haven't started on my A-Z posts yet...hope to get started this weekend!

  7. I'm surprised the stupid criminal tried to escape.

    I finally got rid of my snowy blog header. With any luck, the real-life snow left with it!

    My sister lives in Tulsa. Maybesome day you and I will meet! :)

    Thanks for linking up. Stay tuned for a post announcing a special 300th FF post celebration! :) Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm excited to read about your bucket list items on the A to Z Challenge!

  9. It has been sooooo windy. Seriously. Come on, Oklahoma! haha :)