Monday, March 24, 2014

What I've Been Up To

Spring break was last week. I went to DC for a work trip. I tried to blog several times but the app kept crashing. So here's my quick review.

I went to the sculpture garden at the Smithsonian. I'm always amazed at what classifies as art.

This is called typewriter eraser. I thought it was a fishing lure.

Then Sunday night it started to snow. Our meeting was to be Monday-Tuesday, but only if the government was open.

This is what it looked like outside my window when I went to sleep. Nothing to worry about...right?

This is what it looked like Monday morning after the government had shutdown. I was hoping for only a two hour delay. In fairness I heard that we got less snow in Silver Spring than they did downtown, but still. The government is whimpy.

We ended up meeting in our hotel reception room (for free...thank you kindly Homewood Suites) and having a good talk. We ended up restructuring the meeting to fit into one day (we did lose quite a bit of talk) but overall it was a pretty productive meeting.

I came home Wednesday and shopping with Whitney all day Friday. That's just what we do when she is home on spring break.

Now it is back to work and trying to catch up on my inbox. Yikes, I dislike that part of taking off a couple of days. I tried to answer emails while I was on my work trip but somethings just need to be dealt with in person.

I hope everyone read my theme for A-Z Blog Challenge. I've got my calendar noted with about half the days now. Week one is all picked out, I just need to write and upload some photos.


  1. I thought it was some kind of roller blading wheel :) haha

  2. I've completely missed that museum when I've been up there! I guess this dates me, but I knew what it was!!!
    Love your A-Z Challenge theme! Can't wait to see what you have on your bucket list!