Monday, February 23, 2015

Cold Monday Morning

I don't want to be a complainer but it is a cold morning here. Wind chill near zero doesn't help. Nor does an office that was 55 degrees when I opened the door. But I have it a little better than my next door office mate who was at 51 degrees. It seems to be just a small section of the building because the bathroom was warm. My little space heater just isn't helping a lot.

The weekend was productive as we got two cars fixed for the airbag recall notice, two ceiling fans replaced and shopped for a dress for Whitney to wear to her last sorority formal. All that and made the best meatloaf ever and baked a cake. This weather makes me want comfort food.


  1. You did have a productive weekend! Hope it does warm up in your office! Those are too cold temps to work in I think!


  2. I think i have lived in 3 layers of shirts & jackets the past 2 weeks

  3. Shoot, that reminds me our son's car needs to do that airbag recall. I wish the Hubby liked meatloaf, I love it. :)