Sunday, May 29, 2011

Graduation Day

A happy girl
The happy parents
Well Thursday was the big day. Whitney's high school graduation. To think that all those years of school led to this one night. It was a beautiful day and the evening was wonderful. There was an indoor ceremony at the university's basketball arena so we had great graphics and closeup shots. This was important since the kids were on the floor and we couldn't take pictures up close. My wonderful daughter got to be in the front row because she made it through high school with straight A's. There were 30 kids that did that out of 360. A pretty smart class if you ask me. And we lucked out that she was on the aisle so we could see her the whole time. There were three seniors who gave talks; a good mix of serious and humor. A touching song and then it was time to announce all the names. I was prepared to cry and cry and cry. And I was surprised when I didn't. Somehow I don't think it sank in. Or else I know that she will continue in school so I've got more of seeing her grow. There was so much going on I forgot to listen for all of her friends names.

Getting her diploma

After receiving their diplomas, the kids walked off to get hugs from their teachers. It really was a touching moment. They have had the same homeroom teacher for four years. Whitney's retired last year but she came back for graduation.

I will miss the high school. But I'm looking forward to the future. And I know Whitney is too.


  1. Congratulations on straight A's through High School, that is quite an accomplishment.

  2. Wow...straight A's through high school is awesome! Congrats!!!!