Monday, May 16, 2011

What I Did This Weekend

Wow, I actually got things accomplished this weekend. Normally I don't do anything.

We replaced a door knob to get into the garage. That may not sound impressive but we are not mechanical people. But after seeing how easy it was (Dan said it was going to be easy) we now need to replace the knobs/locks on the front and back doors. That way we can rekey them all to the same key.

We looked for shrubs for the front walkway. This is a huge problem area for us. We've gone through probably 4 sets of shrubs. It gets little to no sun because of the angle of the house and the garage. So we are very limited in what will grow. And then everything seems to get winter burn. Still haven't picked something out but really need to because that dirt is not getting any more attractive after a year.

We did buy three new outside light fixtures. I had won a light installation at our United Way auction last fall and now I plan on using it.

Balanced three sets of checkbooks. Bad me hadn't done it for a month. Everything is online so I knew we had money, I just hadn't updated my Quicken files. Well now I have and am happy to report that me and the bank agree.

I spent $165 at Walmart on Saturday and I ended up with a full cart but no meat. I guess that $20 in birdseed sort of did me in.

And then there was the dog. The weather was nice so we had the front door open so just the screen is there. She hates that. She gets restless. So when the door finally is closed she crashes in sleep. I'm not sure how she sleeps with her ear like that but she was out and quite comfortable.

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