Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Writers Block

What do you write about when you got nothing? I have to say I would have in the past just not written anything. But I enjoy writing this blog, eventhough just a handful of people read it. I find it an outlet that I've never chosen before. I never thought myself creative or a good writer, but I enjoy the challenge.

So what to write about? I could rant, but I do that a lot so that isn't interesting.

I could write a tv review, but I've done that recently too. Plus I haven't watched anything that made me go OOOOH I have to tell people about that. The Voice was ok, Amazing Race sucked after the cowboys got kicked off, Top Chef Masters is weak. When the best show I watch in a week is Bert the Conquere squealing like a girl, it was a sad week.

The weather has been hot. Perhaps stormy today. Not exciting.

Nothing exciting has happened at all. Perhaps tonight I'll get to try a new wine that I like at a wine tasting. Or maybe I'll find a wine tomorrow night at another wine tasting.

And so I leave you with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

1 comment:

  1. Some days I feel the pressure of not having something to blog about.

    Then I will be in a queue somewhere or at the oven when an idea comes to mind....never have a pen and paper at that time.

    There are some prompt sites that have questions you could answer - google journal prompts and several sites will come up :)